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What is char cloth?

Char Cloth is usually made from cotton or other natural textiles. It is a slow burning yet highly flammable solid and can be used in many applications.

Who invented char cloth?

Could have been the person who invented the wheel, but we just dont know.

Can I make char cloth?

Yes. Here is the best way to make char cloth! We do it for a living and we make the best charcloth in the world!

Can I buy Char Cloth?

Yes from Tinder Light at Last Chance Survival Store

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Is Char Cloth just a Fire Starter?

No. Char cloth is a muli use carbon cloth. Learn More!

What is Activated Char Cloth or Activated Charcoal?

Tinder Light manufactures activated and non activated charcoal and char cloth. Other manufacturers activate char cloth by adding chemicals such as calcium chloride and even battery acid to the coal or cloth and then reheating. The process opens up more molecular holes in the material allowing for greater absorption ability. But how do you know that they have cooked those chemicals completely out of the product? You dont. Tinder Light uses steam for activation. Never any chemicals added before or after production.


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